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Hi, I'm Sandra.

I design immersive, customized learning solutions that drive meaningful change.

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This passion stems from a deep understanding of my top Clifton Strengths: Learner and Developer. These strengths illuminate why I am so committed to designing learning experiences that uncover, refine, and amplify the innate gifts and abilities of the professionals I serve.

Recent Work

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Scenario-Based Learning

Property and facilities managers need to predict budgets, control costs, address owners' budget questions, implement internal controls, and monitor financial activities. In the upcoming scenario-based activity, you will meet John, a project manager dedicated to meticulous expense management and budget adherence. Join John in an eLearning journey to master cost control and achieve financial success.

Classifying Operations


Learner-Centric eLearning

Meet John, an exceptional project manager who goes above and beyond to ensure every expense is well-managed and within the budget. He meticulously scrutinizes invoices with utmost diligence to prevent discrepancies, knowing that even the smallest deviation can affect the project's success. Immerse yourself in an inspiring learner-centric eLearning journey with John and acquire the skills you need for cost control excellence and financial success.

Transaction Dilemma Cover Photo.png


Immersive Learning

In this scenario-based eLearning experience, learn how Carla, the property manager at North Park Real Estate, has hired David as her assistant to handle the monthly accounting transactions that have become overwhelming for her to manage alone. In this scenario-based eLearning experience, you will learn how effective collaboration and following precise procedures are crucial to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Gamified eLearning

Embark on a transformative journey with this gamified eLearning experience that equips you with the skills to easily conquer risk management. Learn crucial steps and apply four risk control mechanisms to real-life situations in an interactive environment that empowers you like never before.

“Sandra's exceptional graphic design enhanced Johnson & Johnson's presentations, making complex medical information clear and impactful. Her dedication and expertise greatly benefited our medical representatives and clients."

Johnson & Johnson

Meaningful changes with proven results

Expect a remarkable increase in learner engagement and skill enhancement, as demonstrated through knowledge and project-based assessments!

Over the course of my career, I have achieved significant results in improving employee performance, leading change, and enhancing learner retention, as demonstrated through knowledge and project-based assessments. Thanks to this experience, I am adept at anticipating and assessing learning and development needs and designing curricula and courses that align with learning or business objectives. I excel in creating and executing exceptional learning and development programs, which I meticulously evaluate using critical performance metrics. 

What are your learning goals?


My work involves evaluating your audience's needs, laying out a course outline with strategic learning goals, developing immersive learning experiences, integrating the course onto a learning platform, and evaluating your audience's performance throughout and after course completion.


I work closely with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and learners to ensure that learning needs are addressed excellently.

My specialties include...


Learner-Centric Design

In today's social media-driven world, it is imperative to develop visually captivating and user-friendly courses. I aim to maintain and meet learning outcomes while implementing design principles that capture learners' attention and keep them engaged. Additionally, I prioritize the most essential information and present it in a way that is easy to comprehend and apply.



A compelling narrative can hold an audience's attention and make a lasting impression. To keep learners engaged, it's essential to weave storytelling that aligns with their specific needs. Stories can stir emotions and create a bond between the learner, the content/characters, and the skills being taught. As part of my design approach, I skillfully employ storytelling techniques that enhance retention and facilitate the application of course concepts long after the learning experience.



An effective method to enhance the learning experience is integrating gaming elements such as earning points and unlocking difficulty levels to increase motivation and knowledge application. Immediate feedback from this practice along with natural consequences for choices made are incorporated throughout the learning process. Unlike a knowledge assessment that learners take at the end of the course, this approach enables them to identify areas requiring improvement and support instantly.


Needs analysis (in collaboration with SMEs and stakeholders and through pre/post assessments and surveys) of learning gaps and pain points • Researching, analyzing, and extracting relevant content for the design and development of learning solutions • Instructional design (including organizing and establishing course outlines and learning outcomes) • Storyboarding • Story and character scripts • Visual design with mockups • Developing knowledge assessments • Updating coursebooks per SME feedback • LMS administration - including uploading SCORM to LMS, organizing content, and tracking learner progress • Analyzing learning engagement on LMS • Writing marketing scripts for course launch

Tools I use

Articulate Storyline & Rise • Vyond • Adobe Creative Suite • Snagit • Canva • Microsoft Office 365 • GoogleSuite • LMS (Docebo & Canvas) 

Get in touch!

I'm an instructional designer who loves building connections. Feel free to reach out!

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